Saturday, September 25, 2010

The nights are getting cooler and the smell of  Fall is in the air, I believe it is time to celebrate!
Look in your bag...I have magicked an invitation there!

Please join me on this most spellbinding of nights, grab your broom and let us fly!

We have to journey until we smell the sea...

first, by an opening in the trees,

through an enchanted forest,

Dont eat the pomegranates!!!!they're bewitched.
And there's a creature in the underbrush,but don't be afraid, it's just Tuna,guarding the way

Oh !please take advantage of the V.I.W parking before it fills up! Your brooms will be quite safe here, I assure you.

We will walk from here, it's not far now! See how the path is lit up for us?

there it is, isn't it gorgeous!

let us look to the skies...

 Has everyone arrived?
All manner of witch is here,tall and small alike!

There is one of our beautiful hostesses!!!!

Anna from Frosted Petunias
She has her clever cat Luna with her...did you know that Anna always has butterflies surrounding her? That is one of her many gifts.

Oh ! who's this?!
Mrs. Toad,and all her froglets! I guess Jimmy's ring wasn't enough to feed them all,well we've plenty to eat here!

Come in , come in! First, lets pay tribute to our ancestors, our great-great-great-great- aunts,whom we have always referred to only as the Owens aunts.
Remember them fondly,and light some candles, for they are the ones we owe our wonderful gifts to....the ability to nurture,protect,and maintain,home,family and friends.
Here is the Book, with all of our secret dreams,and wishes! It is ancient and powerful. Look! here it is, open to a Love spell! I believe the dried roses were from a sweetheart, from long ago.

If you look again you will find the Amas Veritas spell that I performed....

Shall we go into the kitchen?
Oh oh! there's a naughty little witch sitting on the table!
She's offering us some fruit, how nice!
Please help yourselves...

There's chocolate cake, but as you know, it's being saved for breakfast..

Ignore the Crows, they ate already...they are only sitting here because they begged to be in on the party, I put them on the table because they love to hear gossip!

It's time for some star dusted chocolate apples!
We to gather on the roof, I know it isn't Halloween just yet, but it's so much fun!
And the moon is calling to us all..

Before I go..I would like to thank you for flying over and sharing memories ,stories , food and drink , And many thanks to Anna from Frosted Petunias and Justina from Bohemian Magic for hosting this amazing blog party.
Now, I have just a little more to share with you , my beautiful witches,Leave me a comment on my main clickingHERE and you will be entered to win this:
The Ophelia chair,which I made with magicalglittery potions and apple tree branches!
In two weeks I will take a magic cauldron and choose a winner. But wait, there's more!I will draw another name from the cauldron right after and chose another winner, they will get something wickedly fun and secret!
Thank you!!!
Now,go get your umbrellas, it's time to soar!

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Image of black and white witch is from THE WIDOW'S BROOM by Chris Van Allsburg